Monday, 6 March 2017

Adjectives for Precision Machining Technology


Anonymous said...


1.Lathe machine is a big and precise machine.
2.This is a long and shiny rocket.
3.CNC machine is dark blue colour and good quality from Taiwan.
4.The teacher is fat and brilliant person.
5.Micrometer is a precise and convenient to use.
6.The green viscous coolant is use in the machine.
7.The hammer is a strong and powerful material.
8.The center punch is very precise and high accuracy.
9.The clock is very big and clear to see.
10.The glove is very high resistant and durable.
11.The safety helmet is light and white colour.
12.The black hard safety boots is use for the workers and students.
13.EDM machine is the largest and most expensive machine in Malaysia.
14.The blunt and dirty drill is not suitable to use for machine.
15.The machinist is ugly and stupid person.

Nazir Aiman said...

1. This is a big and expensive CNC milling machine.
2. This is an easy to handle and high precision lathe machine.
3. There is a big white EDM machine.
4. There are many small buttons on control panel.
5. The student wear transparent oval goggles.
6. This is a Brown & Sharpe surface grinding machine.
7. This is a small silver air grinder.
8. There is one red table.
9. One of the students wear small oval glasses.
10. There is a long blue air tube.
11. This is the main headquarters for the famous National International of Metal-Working School.
12. It has a huge and clean laboratory.
13. They use high quality and highly precision digital calipers.
14. The school located in warm and humid Pennsylvania.
15. They have heavy and bright coloured height gauge.

(Nazir Aiman / Nazir Akmal / Mohaiyazid)

Anonymous said...

Edm machine
- EDM machine uses two strong electrodes to cut materials from the work piece

Grinding machine
-grinding machine uses an abrasive wheel as the cutting tool

- we use micrometer to measure thickness of the product

-Most of the students are wearing black uniforms

- Pennsylvania is a peaceful country.

-The stainless steel tools can be used in lathe and milling machine.

Vernier Caliper
-Vernier caliper is a water-proof instruments.

Mr Viano
-Mr Viano is a strict supervisor.

Grinding wheel.
-An aluminium oxide grinding wheel is a pink in coloured.

Control panel.
-Most of the control panels have small button.

CnC machine
- CNC machine is a precise machine.

The machinist is good in handling machine.

There are a lot of accurate instrument to be used in machining.

height gauge
The vernier height gauge has highly accurate measurement.

Digital caliper
The digital caliper has a big scale in measurement unit.