Monday, 7 August 2017

Workplace sentences


Anonymous said...

1 :Ali switch on the lamp
2 :Abu switch off the computer
3 :Pak Abu drills a screw on a board
4 :Mr.Faaid arranges the appointment to set the meeting with dato'Adib
5 :Khair packs the ball to box before posted it
6 :Amin fix the car at the in front house
7 :Ali delivers the documents before 10:00am
8 :Ijam fills in form to apply work
9 :As a Supervisor Firdaus must arranges a time
10:Adib sets the meeting at 9:00 am,all staff must come
11:Lokman must cleans the toilet everyday
12:Miss Lieyas teach mathematics subject at schools
13:We must tightens the screw after open a machines
14:Head of departments speak to all worker about a Chinese new year holiday
15: The technicians repair the break down machines

Prepared : Muhammad Firdaus Bin Aznan
Muhammad Adib Bin Ali
Mohd Amirul Ridhzuan bin Herman

Anonymous said...

1)The food stall had been closed down because of bankruptcy.
2)I will be waiting for you at the bus stop.
3)Ali has just signed up for a boxing match.
4)The maintenance has inspected the machines.
5)I just set up my new computer.
6)Technician is fixing a machines.
7)Do not step on the box.
8)Please speak loudly because I can't hear you.
9)He hooked up with a friend at the workplace.
10)He things before doing something stupid.
11)She teaches her to do her homework.
12)He extracts the venom from a snake.
13)Please spin the wheel of fortune.
14)Ali and me form in one group.
15)The maintenance is using the drill.

Prepared: talha

Anonymous said...

1 fill in : Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.
2 teach : Normah teachs the new supervisor
3 speak : Lia speaks to louder becouse microphone doesnt function .
4 close down : The leader closes down the water coolant before he returns home.
5 switch on : Do not switch on the plug because the work repair is in progress
6 switch off : The last person should switch off the lamp and fans
7 drill : Farid drills the part of the cars to get the screw hole.
8 bring foward : The manager brings foward about the proposal to next meeting due to
certain things.
9 fix : Azman fixs all the problem before he go back home
10 inspect : The department of quality production inspects the items very
merticolous before used as a material
11 line up : Every workers must line up before start their work.
12 think : Ali still thinks about yesterday
13 step up : PQC steps up the quality off production every years for compete
with other company.
14 hook up : Ali hooks up the wire into the plug
15 swing : The best cricket match when a player gives a one shot swing to
compete with other team in the match

prepared by : muhamad khair , muhamad faris , muhammad faaid

Anonymous said...

1.My father drills at compaund
2.My brother teach me how to talk english
3.I thinks i want to be successful person
4.I pick ups my mother at the airport
5.I take over when Azam finish the work
6.I talk to ali
7.The leader asks me to get improvement in work
8.My boss delivers a massage to ali
9.There are several screws in the basket
10.Iwan tightened the screw on the machine
11.Lukman waits for his love to be present in her life
12.Wan and his wife intend to manage finances for future use
13.The managers supervise the business well
14.The technician hammers the manchine until it was damaged
15.Aminah set up a proposal sheets to be laid out tomorrow

prepare by : 1. LUKMAN

Anonymous said...

1)Ali switchs off the lamp after work.
2)Abu switchs on the machine before starting work.
3)They close down the switch not me !
4)My managers set up the fail for meeting .
5)Meon set time to spend time with family .
6)Ahmad take over the company afther his father's death.
7)Amin does a cutting job ni the yard.
8)I think i need to make a difference in life.
9)Amirulis waiting for the bus ni front of the bus stop.
10)Miss maimun teachs her child to respect parents.
11)All students line up before entering the class.
12)Supervisor inspect the staff at ground floor .
13)All the staff please take a note down about safety.
14) Faizul must to meet manager to sign up the work.
15) Mr Farid arranges appointment to set meeting with Dato Sri vida

muhammad furqan bin md yusuf
Muhammad Nur Hisyam Bin Mohd Jamil
muhammad noorizam bin mohammad nin