Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Soup making


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Manufacturing Tasty Tomato Soup

The process of manufacturing tasty tomato soup starts with the process of cutting clean fresh tomatoes into chunks and place inside a small cooking tank. Here the tomatoes will be left to simmer at low temperature for 15 minutes. When it's time, the tank will feed the partially cooked tomatoes into an efficient grinding machine to produce smooth and none chunky tomato liquid.

While the grinding machine working, the soup stocks in a another movable container are transferred into a big tank with a giant sieve lid. The stocks are sifted so that only the fluids of soup stocks are collected in the tank.

Both tomato liquids and soup stocks are transferred into a high performance and sterilize stove-tank. In here, vegetables, paste, and spices are added appropriately and mixed together to be cook for 30 minutes at high temperature. Once done, the tasty tomato soup are channeled to a high-volume funnel where they will be ready to be fill into empty cans on a moving conveyor belt. Finally, the filled cans are packed and ready to be distributed.

prepared by : Mohammad Amirul Asraf Bin Mohd Sofpe and Khairul Anwar Bin Jamaluddin

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How to make a tomato soup
Written :Ahmad Azzarul Azzaham Bin Ahmad Azreign and Muhammad Muhaimin bin Ramlee

To make a soup first,you need a big tank to put all ingredient.Next, pieces the tomato and to make them all will take in 30 minutes.Secondly,put all the tomato into the big bowl with hot water to boiling the tomato untill cooked or tender.While the strong grinder machine is running put all the tomato in bowl to a get the juice from the tomato.Thirdly,the small conductor bowl has a filter to supply the flavor into the stove tank and mix the juice of tomato take 1 hour 30 minutes.After the tomato cook and transfer to the big funnel are ready to fill a empty can.Finally,the can tomato soup has being packing is done.

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the process of making tomato soup

To make a delicious tomato soup need a few process. Firstly, grill the fresh tomatoes for 20 minutes inside grill machine. Then, the tomatoes will proceed to tank A. The smasher machine will smash the tomatoes and automatically drop into the tank A to cook the smashed tomatoes with filtered water for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, the cooked tomatoes will go through the mincer machine. The tomatoes become liquid after go through the mincer machine. The mincer machine will poured the liquid to the next tank. The liquid will be mixed inside the mixture machine with a predetermined mixing ratio. After mixing, the liquid become a delicious tomato soup ready to the canning process. The soup will poured into a big hard funnel through the turret and filled into empty cans. After labeled the cans will packed into boxes.

By: Gerald Sigau La’ang

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First of all to make a tomato soup,you must need a fresh tomato. You must added all fresh tomato in a silver tank washing to removed a dirty. After this washing process,you need to combine all that tomato in an industrial mixer machine until a paste is created. You must add some mushroom,garlic,vinegar,and onion have been chopped,mix all together and added to automatic stainless steel cooking machine. After this,soup was boiled TWO to FOUR minute,its ready to go to the next step canning process packaging section. Where the valves pour in into cans. The Super Canning Packaging Machine are already set to release the same amount into each can. The finally all the can soup must be cooled. Water is sprayed onto the cans to cool them,and the can must have a labels are affixed and ready to eat.

PREPARE BY: Amirul Bin Zamanhuri and Muhd Shahir Bin Azman.

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To make a soup first you need a ingrediant in the machine A.Secondly the process has been run and will be put into a quick grinding machine.Worker in the plants in the process of preparing ingrediants in the stove.The processed material has been filtered by steel.In addition the material is inserted into a large funnel.All the ingredient in the process has been prepared and the finished tomato soups are pack into cans.


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How To Make Soup

To make a soup,the first one we need a big tank for a mixture of ingredients. the ingredients are mixed with some of the ingredients then cooked for 20 minutes.After which the ingredients need to be grind to be mixed with other ingredients such as powder,chili powder and vegetable powders.After the ingredients are mixed,then enter into the funnel.After that which the ingredients in the chimney continue to fit into the can.Finally,labeled the cans will packed and ready to be distributed.

Prepare By : Muhammad Hafizzi Bin Zaini and Muhammad Sobrun Jamil