Tuesday, 27 March 2018



Anonymous said...

Jeff : Hi , Good Morning Mr.Faizal.

Mr.Faizal : Hi , Good Morning. May I help you ?

Jeff : Yes. I am new staff here. Where is the Supervisor's room ?
I need to meet him.

Mr.Faizal : Okay sure. It is my pleasure to help peoples here. Hi Mr.Halim , this
is our new staff. His name is Jeff. Jeff , this is the Supervisor ,

Mr.Halim : Hi Jeff. Welcome to NASARA Sdn.Bhd. We are very happy to have you to
to join a crew of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Installer team , since the company
need competence person.

Jeff : Thank you Mr.Halim. I am so excited to get involved in this company.
I hope we can work together as a team for the incoming project

Mr. Halim : First of all , I will show you around the office. Then we are going up to the
meeting room for some briefing. Jeff, you will meet your team partner Mr. Alex
who has been working here for more then 3 year.He is an excellent and worker in
this company.
Alex : Good Morning , Mr.Halim and Mr.Faizal. Nice meeting you Jeff our new stuff . I
hope we can work together.

Mr. Halim : Please , have a seat. Jeff , I would like to highlight to you that our company
is very concerned about following safety rules.
Especially about the Rules of OSHA 1994 Act as we know.

Alex : Yes , sure thing Jeff. Since I have been working for more than 3 years and have
a lot of experiences. The first thing of all is about safety issue. Quality and
time management is also our focus in this company.

Mr.Faizal : Safety and health is also cleared define in our company motto.

Jeff : I am ready for the project , and I hope I can successfully do this job and
gaining more experience and better skills and also involve for the growth of
this company.

Prepared by :
1. Muhamad Muhaimin Achdi
2. M. Amirol Safik B. Saiful Bahari
3. Muhd. Jafni B Baharudin
4. Nuraishah Bt Manan.

Anonymous said...

Situation : Khuzairi(new staff) joining a new company.

Character : Sri Suthesh (Senior Engineer)
Khuzairi (New Technician)
Izzat (Assistant Engineer & Clerk)
Muqriz (Manager)

Khuzairi : Good morning. I am Khuzairi,nice to meet you. Can I know where I can meet
Clerk : Good morning sir. Can I know the purpose of the meeting between both of you?
Khuzairi : Yes it's my first day of work here. I shall be working under Mr.Muqriz and I'm not filled in about where his office located.
Clerk: Okay sir. Mr.Muqriz office is at the 10th floor. I will inform him about your presence here.
Khuzairi : Thank you sir. I appreciate your help.
Khuzairi : "Knock on the door" May I come in sir?
Muqriz: Please come in .
Khuzairi: Good morning sir, I am Khuzairi.
Muqriz: Good morning Khuzairi. Let me take you to your cabin and then i will give you a brief about our company.
Khuzairi: Okay sir.
Muqriz: Drop your belongings here and lets go to meet your Senior Engineer. He shall fill in you with the job scopes. And please give me your T shirt size later we provide you two pair of company T shirt.
Khuzairi: Oh sure sir. Sir if you don't mind can i get body fit T shirt. Because it give me much confident.
Muqriz: I will sort out that for you. He is our Senior Engieneer. You will be working with at installation site.
Suthesh: Hello, Khuzairi. Welcome to Rich Gold Solar. I am very glad to meet you.
Khuzairi:Thank you for your warm welcome. I am happy to be here. Just let me know whenever you need my help sir.
Suthesh: Well Khuzairi. That's very nice of you. Our company is one of the pioneer on solar manufacturing, installation and also handle big projects. As solar installer, your job main responsibilities is to go far maintenance to customers house or office to check their system twice a month. Its include you must define problems and find solutions on how to solve the problem. We will provide you a box of tools and a company car Toyota Hilux for your site visit. Please keep the car clean. Your may claimed the expenses by submit proper receipt of petrol or toll from Human Resources Department.
Khuzairi: That's a lot to digest. I'm very confident that I can perform well and be able to work as part of the team.
Suthesh: That's the spirit. Here meet Mr.Izzat. We both will guide you on how to handle the site.
Izzat: Hello, Mr Khuzairi Welcome to the company. I hope Mr.Suthesh has filled you in with your job scopes information.
Izzat: As a technician, you should have a good knowledge and strong analytical mind. You must also give attention to details on desire to learn new things. If you can conquer this skills you wont have tough time coping up here. Please make sure wear safety helmet at site.
Khuzairi: Mr.Izzat, can you tell me about our company manufacturing products?
Mr.Izzat: Yes sure. We are manufacturing two type of solar panel. One of the panel is poly crystalline and another mono crystalline, The poly crystalline is cheaper then the mono crystalline . Other then that, we also manufacturing solar inverters for industrial use.
Khuzairi:I will take note of all these informations and i will give my best in being a good or even excellent worker in this company.
Suthesh: That's good Khuzairi. We will grow together. And happy working .

Prepared by:
1)Khuzairi Bin Mohamad
2)Muhammad Izzat Bin Zabidi
3)Muhammad Zulmuqriz Bin Azhari
4)Sri Suthesh A/L Chelladurai

Mohd Adib said...

Situation - 2 new technician been briefing by 2 engineer
E1 : Good morning, welcome to Boombayaah Solar Sdn. Bhd. Please have a sit. My name is Mr. Jabbar, an engineer for installation department. I have been here since 2003 which is already 15 years. Today I will brief you about the solar installation and Mr. Mumbakka here will brief you about solar maintenance.
E2 : Good morning, I am Mr. Mumbakka, an engineer for the maintenance department. I have been here since 2005 which is already 13 years. We will brief about the SOSMI solar installation and maintenance shortly after you introduce yourself. Please start.
T1 : Good morning , my name is Hayaki. I am from Kokdiang Kedah and I'm 23 years old. I'm a graduate from Redondo University. I hope that I can gain experience and knowledge here and be a successful person.
T2 : Good morning, my name is Malik. I am from Jelebu Negeri Sembilan and I'm 19 years old. I'm a graduate from SHRDC and have working experience about 6 months. I here to gain more experience and hope one day, I can be a successful solar technician.
E1 : Now I will explain to you about the solar installation. First of all, our company really care about safety of their workers. So whenever you in the project site, make sure you have a complete standard PPE on you.
T1 : Since you talking about PPE, will it be provide for us or we need to buy for our own?
E2 : Don't worry about that. You will be provided with the PPE and a set of tools each. Just make sure that you take care of your own PPE and tools benevolently.
E1 : The installation of the solar panel will be divide into two team, the B team and the P team. The B team will be assign to install the panel bracket that already be measured and ordered. The P team will be continuing to install the solar panel.
E2 : That depend on the situation. If it a small project, the two team can work together and finish the project as soon as possible. In case of big project, the B team will complete their task first before the P team can continue their job.
E1 : There are multiple project and site that available for both of the team to work on. If the B team already finish their task, they will move on to another site while the P team will continue to complete the project. Now, I will pass to Mr. Mumbakka to brief you about maintenance. Do ask him for question about the maintenance.
E2 : For the maintenance work, it is really simple. The M team will work by schedule and appointment. Please don't be confuse. The M team will assist the installation team if there are free time. That means the installation and maintenance team will be working together.
T2 : How can we be working together if we doesn't have the skills ?
E2 : We will train for the first 6 months. The training focus on both skills as well as teamwork. After that, you will give a choice to choose which team you want to join either B team, P team or M team. Okay, before we finish our briefing, if the anything you want to share or ask?
E1 : Do share with us if you have any opinion and information that you interested or we might doesn't know yet. Start with you Hayaki.
T1 : In my opinion, the solar technology has evolve in higher level. There is multiple project have been developing and upgrade to fit into the modern need nowadays. Two of my favorite technologies are the water being created using modified solar panel and durable solar power air conditioner.
T2 : As for me, the multiple level of solar technology evolve in this past 5 years are really open a new opportunity to the world. I hope this technology will become main industries in the future so that the earth will be healthier and green without the shortage of electricity supplies.
E2 : Thank both of you. we conclude our briefing today. You may go.
T1 : Thank you. (Look at Malik) Do stand up please.
T2 : Thank you. (Look at Hayaki) Please walk out first.
Prepared By:
Mohd Adib (Engineer 1 [E1])
Abdul Hafis (Engineer 2 [E2])
Ahmad Faiq (Technician 1 [T1])
Hafiez Iqhmal (Technician 2[T2])

Fikri Halim said...

Amin: Good evening Mr.iskandar , have you had your lunchbreak?
Iss: Good evening Mr.Amin,yes i did.Actually i ate a comb of banana,two delicious chicken drumstik and a cup of tea.
Amin:I am sure everything goes well for you today? i need you to collect the performance evaluation list for all the staffs by today,also have you checked the new stock list?make sure the list are ready on by today.
Iss:Yes everything went suprisingly smooth!. I will collect and check both of the list right away in my laptop also Mr Fikri the junior sales associate needs to refer to you about the damaged toys that we found in the store.He is very observant.
Fik:Good evening both of you.if i may have your attention for a few minutes Mr.Amin,the number of damaged toys that the staffs have found and checked are quite worrying.I have asked the new part timer to check the cause of this.Should we shipped back all these toys to the main factory? Also, do we need to add more LEGOS?
Amin:About this, you can take the authorisation list just beside a box of shredded papers in my office just beside the blue chair.and yes we do need to add more legos.Thank you for your stanggering effort to go through all of this hassle.
Fik:You're welcome sir.The list should be the 2 sheets of paper witgh a paperclip there.
Aida:Mr.Fik i have checked to cause of the damaged toys and it was actually a couple number of racks where we put the toys are the cause of this as there were quite a lot of speck that makes the toy's cloth teared up.please settle this matter as soon as possible .

prepared by : AIDA, AMIN, FIK, ISS